A Special Drink with a Shot of Pure Tap

What’s the secret to a memorable Kentucky Derby? Beyond cashing a big ticket, it may be this formula: one cocktail and two glasses of Louisville Pure Tap. Then, repeat!

Mocktail mixer at The Omni

Drinking water before, during, and after a celebration is important for healthy hydration. If you avoid alcohol or want an alternative drink, how about a mocktail? A recent national poll found that orders for non-alcoholic drinks have soared in recent years.

Our friends at The Library, the Omni Hotel’s lounge, have a selection of mocktails and Louisville Water has a shared history with the hotel. More than 160 years ago, the Omni’s site was our original office building.  In the 1860s, you’d come to the building on South Third Street twice a year to pay your water bill. We moved just a block away in the 1990s and we’re proud that the Omni honors our history with a replica of the old entrance and drinks that include a shot of Pure Tap.

Mocktail cardsThe Library at the Omni, close to where the 1860 entrance was located, shares its drink menu on old-fashioned library cards. (Another nod to the past!)

Here’s a recipe for the Cardinal Refreshment that’s served over frozen Pure Tap. Cheers!

Mocktail card