Annual water quality report released

During April, May and June, Louisville Water Company customers will receive a link on their bill to the Annual Quality Report for 2017. The report highlights the testing and water quality results during the year. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires public water suppliers to prepare the report describing the source and quality of the water it delivers.

Louisville Water met the strict health requirements established by the EPA, and the community’s drinking water has excellent water quality. Each day, Louisville Water scientists perform an average of 200 water quality tests on the drinking water supply both at the treatment plants and throughout the service area.

Instead of a paper copy being mailed with customers’ bills, a link to the report will be published in the bills’ message center. E-bill customers will have the link to the report in the message center of their electronic bill as well as a separate email with the link.

Customers can visit the link,, to see the full report. Customers can call our customer service center or visit to request a paper copy of the report be mailed to them.

The report also highlights the Louisville Water’s lowest ever Lead and Copper Rule results (an EPA regulation), its emphasis on replacing the remaining lead service lines by 2020, and information on pipe maintenance. The report features some of our customer focused efforts in 2017 and includes a buy one-get-one-free admission coupon for customers to the WaterWorks Museum at Louisville Water Tower Park.