Back in Business Soon? Flush the Water Pipes!

As Kentucky’s governor outlines guidelines for businesses to reopen, Louisville Water Company has guidance for business owners to maintain good water quality inside their facilities. If a building has been empty or under used for months, it’s important to “flush the water lines” to move out the older water and bring in fresh water.

The issue it not the quality of water Louisville Water produces. The disinfectant that’s part of the drinking water treatment, chlorine, kills water-borne viruses, like COVID-19. Louisville Water’s product is key in maintaining good health and stopping the spread of the virus, and the city’s drinking water is safe and high quality.

However, the quality of the water that’s been sitting in the internal plumbing of an empty or under-used building can decline, creating taste and odor issues, discolored water, and potentially bacteria growth. It’s important to move out that older water and bring in a fresh supply. Louisville Water has created diagrams and a video with guidance on properly flushing internal plumbing.

Who Should Flush

Any facility, business, school, or office building that has been empty or under used.

What to Flush

All appliances that use water including faucets, drinking water fountains, kitchen sprayers, dishwashers, ice makers, toilets, hot water heaters, spas, and decorative water features.

How to Flush

Louisville Water’s step-by-step infographic and an animated video (below) helps guide customers through the flushing process.

Louisville Water is delivering this important water quality message via postcard to over 20,000 commercial customers and affiliated associations.