Beat the heat: Fill your pool fast!

Summer is here, and for many that means spending time outdoors – grilling, biking, and taking a dip in the pool! Swimming pools offer excellent opportunities for both exercise and relaxation. Now is the time to fill your pool with Louisville Pure Tap™ if you have one.

Louisville Water provides temporary water meters for customers who want to use a hose connected to a fire hydrant to fill their pools. This is usually much faster than filling a pool with a garden hose connected to a residential faucet.

Apply for a temporary meter

To apply for a temporary meter, complete and return our Temporary Service Application.

  • Applications must be received by noon, at least one business day prior to pick-up.
  • Your account(s) must be in good standing.
  • Your meter will be ready for pick-up on your scheduled pick-up date from our Meter Shop Building at 4801 Allmond Avenue.

Please note:

  • Locate a Louisville Water-owned hydrant near your house to attach the meter to.
  • You’ll need enough hose to reach the hydrant and meter
  • Keep an eye on the meter to make sure it isn’t stolen

Please visit Temporary Water Service Meters for more details such as cost, application, and a user guide.