Employee Profile: James Brooks

Back Office Cashier James Brooks has worked at Louisville Water for 16 years. He started out working in the call center, but now works in the remittance department.

“I process electronic payments and I assist the front office cashiers when someone is out. One of my main tasks is balancing multiple company deposits,” Brooks said.

When asked what he likes most about his job, Brooks said working with teams from across the company stands out the most.

“I get instant satisfaction of knowing and seeing the completion of my work due to how it affects other departments,” he said. “I have acquired skills and knowledge that allow me to help out multiple areas in the company.”

In his free time, Brooks is a well-known shutterbug, techie, and avid traveler.

He always has a camera with him and takes his Louisville Pure Tap® bottle along for pictures around the country.

“I am a huge fan of technology in general. My love for photography was born from vacation shots that my co-workers thought were good,” Brooks said.

Many of Brooks’ vacation photos taken of Pure Tap bottles can be seen on Louisville Water’s social media accounts.

When he’s not traveling, he enjoys watching movies and spending time with his family.

“I am a homebody so I’m also fan of home theaters.”