Best Choice for Taste, Quality Starts at the Tap

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, many shoppers searching for cases of bottled water are finding empty shelves.

A common misconception is that bottled water is better for you and better tasting than tap water, but Louisville Water Quality and Compliance Manager Chris Bobay begs to differ.

“Tap water quality assurance is better than bottled water. Tap water is regulated by the EPA under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Bottled water is regulated under the FDA.

EPA drinking water rules are far more stringent and protective of public health. Water (utilities) are required to educate their customers about the quality of the water. Bottled water companies are not. Bottled water has a shelf life, tap water is fresh every time,” Bobay said.

In addition to the fact that Louisville pure tap® is award winning for taste and quality, filling up at the tap is also better for your budget and the environment. An average 24-pack of bottled water costs about $3, but you can fill up 75 glasses of Louisville pure tap® with a reusable bottle for just a penny, obviously a better deal.

If you have questions or comments about the quality of Louisville Water, tap here.

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