Board of Water Works approves 2020 budget for Louisville Water Company

In 2020, Louisville Water will continue to provide customers with high quality, great-tasting water for the best value.

Part of that value is the infrastructure: making the drinking water at a treatment plant and then delivering it through underground pipes.

To cover the day-to-day costs of materials, supplies, labor and maintenance, the average cost for a household using 4,000 gallons of water a month will increase 85 cents to $24.01.

This increase was approved as part of Louisville Water’s capital and operating budgets.

Next spring, Louisville Water will complete its largest water main replacement project along Eastern Parkway. There are also plans to replace and repair smaller water mains throughout Jefferson County using robots to inspect the largest mains and prevents breaks.

Nearly one million people use Louisville Water’s product every day in Louisville Metro and six adjoining counties, including nine other water utilities that purchase drinking water from Louisville Water and then deliver it to their customers. These regional partnerships are a growing part of Louisville Water’s business. In 2020, regional water sales will produce an estimated $6.6 million, up from $5.9 million in 2019.

Louisville Water has a unique governance structure with the city owning all the company’s stock. In 2020, Louisville Water projects a $20.4 million dividend to its owner, Louisville Metro.

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