Brushing Up on Good Dental Hygiene!

Byck Elementary dental health

Valentine’s Day can mean chocolate, candy, and tasty treats. Louisville Water and Central Magnet Academy students delivered a sweet message of their own to Byck Elementary students about practicing good dental hygiene.

On February 8, the entire school brushed up on their knowledge of brushing their teeth, flossing, and choosing healthier snacks and drinks such as Louisville Pure Tap® – no sugar there!

One of the kindergarteners already knew water is good for your health. She told her class, “You’re supposed to drink your water.”

Louisville Water worked with Central students in the dental science program, teaching them the importance of drinking water to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the role it plays in hygiene, and how to explain it on a children’s level.

“When I asked how many times they brush their teeth, they said a hundred times,” Central junior Tre Von Keah Warr said with a grin.

Tre Von and his classmates taught the younger kids about baby teeth, permanent teeth, when to brush their teeth, and how to avoid cavities.

“You brush your teeth every day when you wake up,” exclaimed one little girl.

Byck elementary dental healthThen it was the little ones’ turn to practice.

Two of the kindergarteners volunteered to show their brushing skills on a stuffed dinosaur they named Gregory.

The Central students reminded them to brush for the length of singing their ABCs twice, getting every tooth on both sides, and making sure to clean the tongue. The class lined up for a “human flossing” activity too to illustrate how to glide between the teeth.

Watching the students take their lessons to Byck Elementary was a proud moment for Community Relations Specialist Barbara Crow.

“Louisville Water was proud to partner with Central again this year. The high school students will be working in the dental community and this program gives them real world experience working with younger students who could be their patients one day. The elementary students take the message home to younger siblings and mom and dad. It’s a win for everyone.”

Byck elementary school studentThe smiles said it all.

“Being able to tell them (elementary students) and show them how to do it, it really does give me a bit of excitement and joy to see that they care about their teeth,” shared Serenity Osbourne, who’s also in the Central Magnet program.

Every Byck student went home with a Louisville Water goodie bag filled with a Pure Tap reusable bottle, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and activity book.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Louisville Water is a proud partner of Smile Kentucky!