Water Grows Kentucky’s Area Development 

Businesses Consider many Factors When Deciding Where to Locate. Factors such as quality of life, workforce and incentives each play a role in businesses’ decisions on location. One often overlooked factor is infrastructure and it can be one of the most important in determining the sustainability and growth of a business.

“Utility partners are the most important partners on a project,” said one consultant who attended the most recent Area Development Consultant Forum in Louisville. “Make sure they’re at the table.”

water grows KY

The event brought together more than 100 economic development professionals and utility providers from across the United States to discuss trends and strategies in various industries. It provided a unique opportunity for networking, learning from peers sharing details about trends in manufacturing, food and beverage, mega-sites, workforce and more. Louisville Water Company proudly sponsored the event at the Omni Hotel, where the utility’s had a footprint since it was founded in 1860.

water grows KYSeveral energy providers attended the event, but Louisville Water stood out as the only water provider – something that happens quite often as Louisville Water promotes its vital role in economic development. Seeking to create lightbulb moments for conference attendees, Louisville Water consistently works to educate and inspire audiences about water’s important role in economic development. One attendee mentioned how smart it was for water professionals to work outside of public health and in the realm of economic development.

The reason it’s smart? Utilities are often the deciding factor in site selection. Communities that have an inadequate water supply or deal with poor water quality are often overlooked for projects that could be transformational. Louisville’s high-quality, abundant water supply exists because of the Ohio River, and Louisville Water’s rates are some of the lowest in the region. The company’s two water treatment plants rank as two of the top 19 in North America for producing high-quality water.

water grows KYConference attendees had evidently heard about the quality of the water in Louisville and enjoyed sampling it after learning about water’s role in Kentucky’s signature beverage– bourbon.

“I’ve heard the water here is really good,” said one attendee from Minneapolis.

As Kentucky continues to grow, Louisville Water continues to drive the message that the Commonwealth is open and ready for business!