Celebrating Women’s History Month: Meet Angela Thacker, Meter Shop Leader

During her 23 years with Louisville Water, Angela Thacker has worked a range of jobs, including Laborer and Meter Exchanger. She is now the company’s Meter Shop Leader.

The Meter Shop, located at Louisville Water’s Allmond Avenue Distribution Center (4801 Allmond Ave), provides many services related to water meters, including performing tests on them to ensure their accuracy.

The Shop also includes a training room and offers temporary meters that connect to fire hydrants so they can be used for construction projects, landscaping, and filling up swimming pools.

In 2017, Thacker decided to advance her education while continuing to work for Louisville Water. Through the company’s Tuition Assistance Program, she began taking a few classes at a time to pursue a BS in Applied Health Science & Safety from Indiana University Southeast (IUS).

“I work full time. Plus, I’m a full-time mom and full-time wife,” said Thacker, who is a mother of four. “It’s hard to be gone at nights from your kids and husband, but I want to show my kids that you can do anything you set your mind to. I’m doing this for myself, but also for my kids, too.”

She had previously started pursuing a history degree years ago after more than a decade in the U.S. Navy. Counselors at IUS helped Thacker figure out which major would be a good fit for her as she worked toward a new degree.

“I love school — it felt so good to go back,” she said. “With this safety management degree, I have learned about construction, safety, risk assessment, and practical things I can use on the job.”

“I have two kids in college now, and without this program, I wouldn’t dare think I could go, too,” she added. “I really appreciate the program and am glad that Louisville Water offers it. I encourage other employees to do this if they are thinking about getting a degree.”