Clean Hands Up! at home

washing hands Stopher ElementaryThrough a fun lesson that involves hands-on practice, pretend germs in the form of a glow-in-the-dark liquid, and a blacklight that reveals where the “germs” may be hiding, Louisville Water’s Clean Hands Up! program teaches children the importance of handwashing. The company’s educators frequently visit local schools to share this lesson, which also includes a take-home component to extend its reach.

“Whenever we do a Clean Hands Up! program, the students get a coloring sheet with a big hand on it,” said Barbara Crow, Louisville Water Community Relations Specialist. “They color all the places that they still saw the pretend germs after they wash their hands. There’s a note on the back of the sheet that asks parents to share photos or video of their kid practicing what they learned.”

Parents of two students at Stopher Elementary School recently shared the photos shown below. Three-year-old Eashan Singh and five-year-old Elaina Flood demonstrate their handwashing technique.

Two children clean their hands