Department Profile: Metering & Billing

Metering and Billing teamMeet Louisville Water’s Metering & Billing team. It’s responsible for managing the process of collecting 235,000 meter reads each month and making sure our customers get accurate and timely bills. Within this process the team also:

  • Manually reviews about 29,000 of the meter reads for various reasons.
  • Manages and executes the process of turning water service on or off for 7,000 customers a month.
  • Manages the repair process for about 1,000 meters and vaults each month.
  • Manages the large meter field testing process for Louisville Water’s top 100 customers.
  • Dispatches and schedules work for all field employees and crews in the most efficient manner.
  • Monitors the accuracy and development of our advanced meter technology.

“In addition, this team is very involved in our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation, which requires learning/using new technology and developing the necessary new processes,” said Director Mark Hall.

“For example, one of the early process changes this team has successfully implemented is an automated process that eliminates us rolling a truck to the location when a customer moves out and a new customer moves in. We are now able to utilize an automated process that has this work being completed without using an employee to visit the location. This early change has eliminated approximately 1,200 truck rolls a month.”

“The team looks forward to further developing this technology with the goal of improving service to our community,” Hall added.