Employee Profile: Hydrant Supervisor Harold Hunt

Hydrant Supervisor Harold Hunt has worked for Louisville Water for nearly 30 years.

He oversees the service and repair of 30,000 hydrants. His crews, dispatched from Allmond
Avenue Distribution Center, work closely with area fire departments.

“We depend on them and they depend on us. If there’s a fire, we’ll bring them water and snacks. If there’s anything we can help them do, we do it.”

When asked about the best part of his job, Hunt said he looks forward to working with his team every day.

“I enjoy the employees that I work with. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a more dedicated groupthan the hydrant team. They have a passion for what they do,” Hunt said. “This is feel-good work.”

Sadly, the hydrant team lost a coworker last summer in a tragic crash that killed Jimmy Stone and injured Chad Harper.

“(Jimmy) had an impact on everyone. The crash was the hardest thing that I’ve experienced here at the Water Company. I think it’s a testament to Jimmy and Chad the way the employees supported each other to get through it.”

Hunt said the support from everyone at Allmond Avenue has been an inspiration.


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