Employee Profile: Kayla Hanak, Pure Tap Public Relations Specialist

Worked at Louisville Water since 2020

employee profile Kayla H.If you’ve ever attended an event and made a beeline to the bright blue Louisville Pure Tap® tent, chances are you’ve already met Kayla Hanak.

Hanak’s official title is Pure Tap Public Relations Specialist, but she’ll quickly tell you, “I always add the caveat that I do community outreach and events because I don’t think PR necessarily captures that.”

Hanak joined Louisville Water in 2020, leaving a job in the healthcare industry. Prior to that, she worked with large events and weddings.

“I missed events. I was trying to find something that bridged the gap… getting back into the boots on the ground, hands-on work I loved, but with a little more structure and stability,” Hanak recalled.

When she saw the job posting at Louisville Water, she didn’t apply immediately. However, something kept telling her to take the leap.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting to work for a water utility! But there were enough things about the role that I liked and the things that I didn’t know, I wanted to learn. I just thought it was the best of both worlds,” Hanak said.

Kayla with tapper and louieWhat she couldn’t have predicted is that two weeks after stepping into her new role, the COVID pandemic would change how events looked for the next year or so.

Hanak said, “Being brand new during such an uncertain time was… a lot. In hindsight, I do appreciate that time differently. I basically got to have a gap year and just learn as much as possible about the company and Pure Tap before jumping into a full events season.”

Jumping on board with Louisville Water’s core mission was never a question for Hanak.

“I love that what we do is so public health centric. I know Pure Tap is technically a brand, but this job has never really felt like “marketing”. All the stuff we do in the community, talking with customers, promoting things like hydration and handwashing, it’s really net positive across the board. The water just sells itself.”

Perhaps one of her favorite parts of the job is her special relationship with Tapper and meeting people in the community.

“I am often Tapper’s handler out at events. If there’s anything I can say about being out with Tapper, it’s that your face hurts from smiling at the end because Tapper makes so many people so stinkin’ happy that it’s infectious!”

It’s not lost on Hanak that when she meets people at events, it’s almost guaranteed to be a positive experience.

“We’re out here and everyone’s like ‘thank you so much’ and ‘our tap water’s so great’. I do feel pretty spoiled about that!” she said.

Pure Tap 5k media teamAnother reason Hanak feels spoiled?

“I’ve never worked with so many like-minded, creative, and kind people. They make the whole thing worth it. I’m only one small part of a really amazing and dedicated education and outreach team.”

Hanak and the rest of the team will certainly stay busy this week serving up Pure Tap! It’s National Drinking Water Week, Walking Wednesday returns on May 10, and oh… Happy Birthday, Tapper! That’s right, Tapper is ready to party. Come help us celebrate at Walking Wednesday from 5-7 p.m. at the Crescent Hill Reservoir. You can also catch Tapper throwing out the first pitch at the Louisville Bats game on May 11.

Grab your refillable bottle, fill it up with Pure Tap, and if you happen to see Kayla, be sure to say hello!