Employee Profile: System Administrator Erik Samaro

Since 2018, Erik Samaro has worked as a System Administrator in Louisville Water’s Information Technology department.

In layman’s terms, he makes sure the company’s email, computer servers, data storage, and telephones run smoothly.

“Everything fits together like a puzzle, kind of like LEGOs,” Samaro said.

What’s his favorite part of the job?

“I like the day-to-day interaction with my coworkers. I like the people that I work with because we are all different and we all bring a lot of different ideas to the table. It’s like making music, almost like an orchestra. It’s cool and it’s a great vibe,” Samaro said. “When you like your working environment and the company you work for, it makes a big difference.”

Samaro had the following advice for someone considering a career in IT:

“You have to be willing to research and do the work. Also, you have to be willing to be available and flexible because you’re always on call. If something goes wrong at night or after hours, you have to be willing to put the missing pieces together to solve the problem. You also have to be willing to communicate with your team,” he said.

Samaro is currently taking advantage of Louisville Water’s tuition reimbursement program.

“I’m getting a Master’s degree in Information Systems from University of Phoenix. It’s cool because I’m writing papers on stuff I’m actually doing on the job,” he said. “In IT, we’re constantly trying to improve our operations.”

When he’s not working or studying, Samaro is an avid sports fan and family man.

He was one of several employees that ran in the 2022 Louisville Pure Tap 5k.

“I love sports! I do competitive steel shooting and I have tickets to the (Tennessee) Titans so we’ll shoot down to Nashville for a game. I’m also a (University of Kentucky) basketball fan. My neighbor used to play for UK so I have access to season tickets,” he said. “I’m active in the community and church. Spending time with my family and creating new memories is important.”