Eye-opening Lesson for Local Students

Westport MS school hydration lessonThe earlier you learn about the benefits of drinking Louisville Pure Tap®, the sooner your body will thank you!

Last month, some sixth graders at Westport Middle School learned an eye-opening lesson that we hope will make them fill up a glass of Pure Tap instead of sugary drinks.

Ms. Frydlewicz’s class is part of the Explore Pathways Program. Their focus is Business and Communications. Louisville Water Community Relations Specialist, Barbara Crow, gave the students an overview of the water company. She shared how important it is to have an abundant, clean, and affordable supply of water to meet the demands of our customers.

The lesson shifted to the importance of staying hydrated and the many ways drinking Pure Tap can positively impact their health. It can increase the brain’s alertness, keep joints and muscles lubricated, reduce headaches, and help the immune system fight germs.

Teacher tweet imageThe sixth graders also learned how to read nutrition labels and find all of the hidden sugar in many of the things we eat and drink.

Frydlewicz said, “Be it geographics, history, community outreach, and the impact of nutritional labels, there is a takeaway for each student to be had in the depth and breadth of the interactive lessons. That’s why I continue to contact Louisville Water each time I get a new rotation of students in my program.”

At the end of January’s lesson, each student received a Pure Tap® bottle. They turned it sideways, telling Crow it was a power move. Right-side up or sideways, getting more kids to drink Pure Tap is a move that Louisville Water can get behind!