Favorable report for Louisville Water

On January 5, Moody’s Investors Service issued an Annual Comment on Louisville Water. This report is an updated commentary on the company as opposed to an actual credit rating action. The report includes an Issuer Profile, Credit Overview and Sector Trends, along with some summarized financial data.

The Annual Comment was extremely positive. Moody’s states that “Louisville Water has an extremely strong credit position,” and that “the financial position of Louisville Water is superlative and is slightly favorable relative to its AAA rating.”

“Louisville Water is gratified that Moody’s Annual Comment recognizes the company’s exemplary financial condition, which is the result of many years of sound financial policies and practices at Louisville Water,” said Lynn Pearson, Vice President, Finance & Treasurer at Louisville Water.

Another ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s, reaffirmed Louisville Water’s AAA rating, its highest mark, in 2015.