Foundation Funds Educational Water Features

Earth Spirit centerThe Louisville Water Foundation funded educational water features that help children “understand how water shapes the land and our dependence on it,” said Kyle Kramer, CEO of the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center.

Located in Louisville, the Center is committed to providing environmental and educational resources so people can learn to better navigate daily struggles through mindfulness, compassionate action, and deepening their connection to the natural world.

Earth Spirit CenterThe Foundation awarded $20,000 to the Center in 2022 to help develop a SpiritScape Nature Discovery Area. The water features now include a hand pump to feed a dry creek bed with ponds, a mud kitchen, a rainwater cistern, an observation deck, and planter boxes that let children see how root systems work and how water moves through soil and sediment.

“We are truly excited about these key components of the SpiritScape,” Kramer said. “We are grateful for this partnership between the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center and the Louisville Water Foundation and hope to continue doing good work together in the future.”