Fourth tank includes Louisville Water logo

Billtown Rd water towerAn elevated water storage tank on Billtown Road is the fourth to include the Louisville Water logo. The bowl of this tank is 74-feet in diameter, 35-feet tall, and holds a million gallons. The logo, which is 150-square feet, is visible driving north on Billtown Road. It was painted as part of an overall repainting project for the tank this spring.

“We require a digital rendering [of the logo] first for approval and comments. Then the contractor provides a field mockup of the logo location for approval,” said John Terry, Louisville Water Production Engineering Supervisor. “Once the location and size are approved, the final logo is hand-painted using the same top coating as the rest of the tank, but with the Louisville Water brand colors mixed into the paint. I believe the contractor used a stencil for that step.”

The Billtown Road tank, erected in 2000, was the second “composite” style elevated tank built for Louisville Water. A composite tank consists of a single concrete pedestal supporting a welded steel container. Louisville Water began adding logos to tanks as they are repainted during the past decade. The three other tanks with Louisville Water logos are shown below.

Louisville Water Towers with logos