Handwashin’, Germ Stoppin’!

“Ewww!” several kindergarteners exclaimed during a special hands-on lesson at Bowen Elementary last month.

The class was the first of five that day where students put their handwashing skills to the test to get rid of all the germs floating around.

Louisville Water Educator Laura Keeling taught the little ones about where our drinking water comes from, before reading a book about a child who learned the importance of washing her hands.

Then Keeling, who is a retired JCPS teacher, brought out a bottle of glow-in-the-dark liquid. The kids lathered up their hands and headed to the restrooms. One by one, they washed off the green goo with soap and water. 

Back in the classroom, Keeling turned off the lights and used a tiny blacklight to examine the children’s hands. Their eyes lit up in shock to see green spots where they needed to scrub just a little harder. Keeling reminded them to scrub their palms, under the fingernails, and the tops of their fingers for 20 seconds.

It’s a lesson we can all use a refresher on, especially as we head into cold and flu season!

Fun video to teach kids.