Here’s why your Louisville Water bill may seem higher this summer

Does your recent Louisville Water bill seem higher than it usually is?

Every customer’s situation is unique, but there are a few common factors that come into play especially during the hot, summer months.

Hot weather, more water usage

During July and August, we experienced several days with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s, as well as several days without rain.

You may have quenched your scorched lawns and parched gardens with more water than you normally would by running your sprinklers a bit longer. Or, you may have used more water to fill your pool or for an irrigation system.

Also during the summer, you may take more showers and baths after a long, sweaty day. If you’re taking more showers and baths, you’re also washing more clothes. Water usage for showers, baths, water heaters, and washing machines can add up quickly.

How we measure

The amount of water you use is measured in gallons. We bill in the thousands of a gallon.

We read your meter in thousands to determine how many gallons you used over the past billing cycle and then multiply the usage by your rate to calculate the charge for the water.

If you’re billed for nine, that represents 9,000 gallons of water that went through your meter.

Most of our customers get a bill every other month. That means water you used in July and August may not show up until you receive a bill in September.

Maybe you have a leak

A high water bill could also result from a leak in your pipes. We have ways you can check for a leak at home.

When customers have a high bill because of a leak in Louisville Water’s pipes, they receive a 100 percent adjustment on their bill. The company may offer a partial leak adjustment even if the leak is in the customer’s plumbing.

More reasons

And like many businesses across the country, we have open positions in our company. Louisville Water is down roughly 10 percent in meter readers, meaning we have an increase in estimated meter reads.

Another reason why your bill may seem higher is the Louisville MSD rate increase that happened on Aug. 1.

The MSD Board approved a rate increase of $4.31 for the average monthly residential bill. ($3.54 increase for monthly wastewater, and $0.77 increase for monthly stormwater).

Although Louisville Water and Louisville MSD are two separate entities, both bills are consolidated into one as a convenience.

Remember, Louisville Water brings safe, clean water into your home for drinking, cooking, and bathing while Louisville MSD cleans/treats the water you’ve used for your showers, toilets and drains that flow into sewers.

Need help with your bill?

Whether you’re a resident or business owner, Drops of Kindness℠ offers a customized approach to manage bills and reduce future financial obligations.

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