How do meter readers read my meter?

Louisville Water Manager of Metering Field Operations Megan Talley wants customers to know how meter readers read their water meters.

Talley has been with Louisville Water for the past 11 years and said she wants to educate customers who may be skeptical about the meter-reading process.

“We read thousands of meters a day so our meter readers are very efficient. Sometimes it doesn’t look like the meter reader has disturbed the ground around the meter, but we have devices where we don’t actually have to lift the lid (of the meter),” Talley said.

Once the meter readers gather data from the meter, the information is sent to the billing department. In addition to determining water usage, they also check for potential problems.

“There’s a leak indicator on the meter and we check to see if that’s spinning or not,” Talley said.

Getting specific details about your meter and its location are as simple as asking a question.

“We’re happy to provide the customer information about how we read the meter,” she said.