Hydrate your Tree and Yourself for the Holidays!

Pure Tap Christmas treeFor those of you who celebrate Christmas, have you already put up your tree? In honor of National Christmas Tree Day on December 8, Louisville Water has some helpful hints to hydrate your tree to make it last through the holidays. That may sound funny, but it takes quite a bit of Louisville Pure Tap® to keep those spruces and pines looking healthy.

First, cut the bottom half-inch off the trunk to remove hardened sap. This will let the tree easily absorb water.

  • Use a tree stand that can hold at least one gallon of water.
  • Add a quart of water to your tree stand for every inch of the trunk’s diameter.
  • Keep two inches of the bottom trunk immersed in water.
  • Refill the tree stand as needed.
  • Christmas trees prefer cooler temperatures. Choose a spot closer to a window away from fireplaces and radiators.

Pure Tap Christmas tree being wateredStaying hydrated over the holidays goes for you too! Cold air has less humidity. Dry air can lead to dehydration, dry skin and lips, and irritation of the throat, lungs, nose, and eyes.

  • While you may not feel thirsty in cooler temperatures, don’t mistake that for being properly hydrated.
  • Layer your clothing with breathable fabrics to minimize water loss caused by perspiration.
  • Drink plenty of Pure Tap and replenish fluids, especially during and after physical activity.

We wish you (and your tree) a healthy holiday season!