Imagine a Day Without Water

No morning coffee, no shower, no clean clothes — each year, the US Water Alliance encourages everyone to Imagine a Day Without Water as a way to bring together communities and policymakers and promote equitable water investment.

This year, Imagine a Day Without Water is Thurs., Oct. 20.

“For many Americans, living a day without water is an unfortunate reality — not something to be imagined,” says the Alliance. “Considering this, in our eighth year of Imagine a Day Without Water national day of action, we intend to make 2022 the beginning to the end of a day without water for our neighbors, our friends, and our communities.”

The Louisville Water Foundation supports projects that help ensure clean, safe water is available in communities across the U.S. and around the world. For example, the Foundation works with local schools to support the Ugandan Water Project, which is helping schools in the African country install rainwater collection systems and water filtration systems.

“The Ugandan Water Project gave our students the opportunity to not just learn about the worldwide water shortage but also to make an impact,” said Natalie Butcher, science teacher at Louisville’s Westport Middle School. “It was a priceless, life-changing experience for our kids as well as for the kids in Uganda.”