Joint Utility Reception Showcases Opportunities for Diverse Businesses

Joint Utility Reception“This is my first year,” said Norma Molestina, Executive Director of the Preston Area Business Alliance. “I just made this really great connection [at the Louisville Water table], and we’re going to email each other and see where it goes from there.”

Molestina was one of the hundreds of representatives from diverse suppliers, contractors, and a range of other local companies who attended the 20th Annual Joint Utility Reception earlier this month. The attendees learned about procurement opportunities at Louisville Water as well as Louisville Metro Government, Louisville MSD, and LG&E and KU.

Joint Utility Reception speakersSpeaking to the group at the reception, Louisville Water President & CEO Spencer Bruce said, “I look forward to this event every year. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with small businesses that could turn into future partners. I’m honored to be able to share the continuous success and growth of Louisville Water’s Small Business Equity program. We truly value working with local, diverse businesses to continue delivering high-quality water to our community.”

Molestina, who has her own computer recycling company called Nornaco, LLC, pointed out that “the Hispanic community is a very entrepreneurial community. We are business owners, and we like to offer our services, and this is a really great opportunity for both sides.”

Joint Utility ReceptionOverall, the Preston Area Business Alliance includes about 120 businesses. Molestina said many of them will be interested in the opportunities presented at the reception.

“Half of them are minorities,” she said, and the Alliance connects them “with companies and the city to see how they can grow together.”

The reception showed there may be many more opportunities for this type of mutual growth throughout our community in the near future. According to Bruce, “Louisville’s landscape is rapidly changing. You don’t have to drive very far to see the investments in our city’s infrastructure unfolding around us. Water is a vital resource in economic growth, and Louisville Water is proud to deliver high-quality water to help fuel that growth. As a result, our procurement opportunities are widening.”