Ladies of the Lab

At Louisville Water, we’re proud of the fact that Louisville pure tap® is award winning for taste and quality.

We’re even more proud of our scientists and researchers in our Water Quality department at the Crescent Hill Water Treatment Plant that produces our great-tasting water.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the ladies that work in the lab.

Autumn Young is a compliance specialist and she checks the quality of the water throughout the treatment process, making sure they meet EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards and regulations.

“Working in the lab means every day is different. With my focus being on compliance, I have to remain alert to assure our drinking water always meets all state and federal regulations,” Young said. “From a young age I always wanted a career that helped people in some way. Knowing that I help contribute to Louisville and surrounding communities by ensuring they have safe, high-quality drinking water is something I am proud of.”

Chemists Taylor Rosenhagen and Nicole Tremblay are part of a team of scientists who test our water more than 200 times a day.

Water sampled from various parts of Louisville Water’s service area are brought into the lab for quality and compliance testing.

“I enjoy the science behind taking river water and turning it into a safe drinkable product for the public and the people I work with,” Rosenhagen said. “I don’t think many people take the time to realize when they are drinking their glass of water or taking a shower just what it takes to get to that finally finished product. I personally appreciate clean water more than I ever have because of this knowledge.”

Since COVID-19, Young, Rosenhagen and Tremblay are often isolated in the lab, due to social distancing safety restrictions and to limit hand-to-hand contact.