Learning how to Protect our Water Source

Overdale elementaryWe don’t always appreciate the incredible resource we have with the Ohio River in our ‘backyard’. Yes, we can use it for recreation like boating, swimming, or kayaking. It’s also an “expressway” for barges and carriers to transport goods. For Louisville Water, it is the source of our drinking water. Without it, we could not deliver high-quality Louisville Pure Tap® to nearly a million people every day.

It’s up to us to protect the river, and we’re never too young to learn that. Louisville Water helps spread that message at area schools with its lesson- Ohio River: Protecting our Water Source.

Overdale elementary

Students in Bullitt County’s Gifted and Talented Program recently learned about the history of the river, all the ways we use it, and all the ways we contribute to polluting it. Then it was time for the kids to work together and flush out ideas on what they could do to reduce the pollution that flows into the Ohio River.

Louisville Water said one student came up with the idea of making trashcans more attractive by decorating them so they look cool.

Hill said his reasoning was that “People would want to throw away their trash instead of just littering. They all started brainstorming on that idea and it ended up with putting basketball goal nets over the top of each trashcan! Very fun. They were a great group.”

The lesson finished with students performing their own dilution experiment and learning what Louisville Water’s team of scientists do to produce the high-quality Louisville Pure Tap people expect.