Let’s Take this Tour on the Road!

If you’ve driven down River Road lately, you’ve probably noticed Louisville Water Tower Park looks quite a bit different.

Louisville Water announced a $6.2 million restoration project in early July to bring the water tower back to its glory with much needed repairs. Pumping Station No. 1, which houses the Water Works Museum, will also undergo some changes. The project is expected to wrap up in the spring of 2023.

In the meantime, Louisville Water Tower Park wants to stay connected to the community. Visitor Experience Specialists Lynn Humphrey and Jennifer Neal have taken the tour program on the road!

Earlier this week, they visited Belmont Village and Magnolia Springs Louisville, two of the city’s senior living homes. They were greeted by several residents with a thirst for knowledge about Louisville Water.

Part of the presentation included a virtual tour video which highlights the property, the Ohio River (the source of Louisville Water’s supply), the pumping stations, and the overall history of our company. Participants also watched a video about different weather events that damaged parts of Louisville Water Company property throughout its history.

“We were surprised to hear from a couple of the seniors who attended the program about their own memories of the 1937 flood and the 1974 tornado outbreak,” Humphrey said.

Louisville Water will continue these tours over the next few months, reminding residents to come back to see us in 2023!