Louisville Pure Tap® Gets an A+ with UofL Students

Students moving in to UofL 2023University of Louisville students begin a new semester today. Many of them moved into their dorms on campus last week. Louisville Water joined the “welcome weekend” festivities outside the Student Recreation Center on Friday night.

It didn’t take long to see they are quick studies when it comes to recognizing high-quality water. The Louisville Pure Tap® team heard countless compliments about how cold, clear, and just plain good the drinking water is.

In fact, Trexler Cook from Cincinnati, was overheard saying “wow” after his first drink.

“It tastes good. It’s cold. It’s refreshing. It’s everything I need water to be,” Cook said.

Group of engineering students at UofLA group of engineering students who arrived from Egypt about a month ago also loved the taste, with one saying “It’s great stuff.”

The Pure Tap tent was a hot spot with cool hydration. Students received a bookmark and snagged exclusive red-lid Pure Tap bottles to fill up at Louisville Water-branded water fountains spread throughout the campus.

UofL Junior Jake Taylor is from Louisville and knows all about the history of Pure Tap.

UofL student Jake Taylor

“I remember going to the (Louisville) Water Tower on a field trip in fourth grade. I remember going inside and everything looked pretty old, but still pretty cool. I remember having water from there and it was really good,” he said. Clearly, he still thinks it’s pretty good. “I filled up my water bottle twice and it’s very cold and very refreshing on this warm summer day.”

Have a great semester, Cards, and remember to stay hydrated with Pure Tap!