Louisville Pure Tap® Makes a Splash at the Pool

Lifeguards at Calypso Cove- Thirsty ThursdayWe don’t have to tell you it’s hot out there! On Thursday, local meteorologists reported the heat index topped 100 degrees. Not only were families taking big dips in the pool at Calypso Cove in east Louisville, they were taking big sips – of ice-cold Louisville Pure Tap.

‘Thirsty Thursday’ drew kids, mothers, and YMCA staff and lifeguards over to the Pure Tap tent. They came for the refreshing water, but the kids stayed for fun activities and a little tap water 101.

Community Relations Specialist Barbara Crow guided the children to make healthy food bracelets. They carefully selected colored beads while sharing food choices that matched those colors.


Kids at Calypso Cove - Water Tent



The clear beads- well, that’s an easy one!

“Water,” 10-year-old Delaney answered quickly.

“The best tasting water,” one mom told her children.

Another mom agreed, sharing her enthusiasm for Pure Tap.

Kids filling up cups at Calypso Cove“I love that when you go to the tap and you pour it, there are no particles. There’s nothing swirling. The smell, there’s no odor to it,” said Kristen Hawthorne, a JCPS teacher. Hawthorne grew up with well water and shared the differences with her students. “When I found that Louisville had the best drinking water in the nation, I was like ‘of course it does’.”

Crow explained to the kids where our drinking water comes from and how it gets to their house.

Everyone’s favorite mascot, Tapper, braved the temperatures to hand out Pure Tap bottles and to remind the kiddos (and adults) to drink plenty of water during this heat wave!