Louisville Water and MSD Honor Employees Who Served Our Country

Veterans Day breakfast“Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and for protecting this country and the freedoms we enjoy every single day,” said Louisville Water President & CEO Spencer Bruce last Friday at a breakfast honoring our employees and Louisville MSD employees who served in the military.

Many other speakers — including Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Colonel Reyn Mann, Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, and MSD Executive Director Tony Parrott — also praised the nearly 100 employees who attended the breakfast.

“We know that everyone looks for America to support, America to defend, and America to be that beacon of light for the world,” Parrott said. “And it’s because of the veterans that we can say that America is still the beacon of light, that city on a hill that provides the guidance and the safety of our entire continent.”

Spencer speaking at Veterans breakfastThe MSD Honor Guard, the nation’s first and only wastewater utility honor guard, presented the colors, and members of the Executive Leadership Teams from both Louisville Water and MSD served the employees breakfast.

During his remarks, Bruce also pointed out that “as water utilities, we’re in the business of service, the important public service of producing and delivering the best drinking water in America, Louisville Pure Tap®, and ensuring safe, clean waterways.”

“Since MSD, Louisville Water, and veterans are in the business of serving,” he added, “it’s not surprising that over 10% of our workforce is veterans. Many of our employees continue to serve in the reserves. This service mentality is at the heart of what MSD and Louisville Water do every day.”