Louisville Water Delivers Hydration Lesson to Soccer Campers

Scorching heat over the last two weeks left some eager kids out of play, when Louisville City FC cancelled one of its youth soccer camps. They’re back on the field now, brushing up on their passing, kicking, and scoring. Louisville Water is also serving up an important lesson: stay hydrated, especially in this summer heat.

Louisville Water Education & Outreach Specialist Barbara Crow attends the weekly camps to teach kids why it’s necessary to drink lots of Pure Tap® before, during, and after play.

She even shares an easy way for kids to know if they’re drinking enough water by checking the color of their urine. That always gets a few giggles from the campers!

With camps back in session, Lou City is punting to keep the kids safe when necessary. They moved up the start time an hour early at one camp last week to take advantage of cooler temperatures.

They also shifted some camps from Lynn Family Sports Vision and Training Center to the practice fields at Thurman Hutchins Park along River Road. Because the grass is real, it holds less heat than artificial turf.

Campers leave with improved skills, new friends, and a special sticker featuring the beloved Tapper to remind them to fill up those water bottles!

Lou City youth soccer camps run through the first week of August.

Louisville Water is the proud sponsor of hydration stations throughout Lynn Family Stadium. Grab a specially designed Pure Tap Lou City FC refillable bottle for FREE when you attend the game on Saturday, July 9!