Louisville Water employees master heavy equipment in ROADeo competition

Two Louisville Water plumber leaders earned top spots in the American Public Works Association ROADeo competition held at Cardinal Stadium.

Shawn Shaw won first place overall and will advance to the national ROADeo scheduled to be held in St. Louis on Aug 30.

Bill Buehner will advance alongside Shaw to compete in the snow plow event at the upcoming Snow ROADeo on Sept. 29 in Colorado.

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Other utility and construction workers from across the nation will compete by demonstrating their skills using a backhoe, mini excavator, skid steer and snow plow.

For example, in the excavator event, competitors will use the levers to scoop a potato from one bucket to another.

In the snow plow event, competitors aim to navigate the plow quickly between an obstacle course of safety cones.

Shaw and Buehner work with heavy equipment every day and were chosen by their managers to compete at the local level.

Congratulations and good luck in St. Louis and Colorado!