Louisville Water maintains strong security measures for community drinking water

Louisville Water is relentlessly dedicated to providing high-quality and safe drinking water to the public. We have a team of experts that ensures round-the-clock protection of our community’s water. This commitment to safe water and proactive planning to mitigate risks began decades ago.

However, in the midst of media reports talking about potential cyberattacks, customers should know that assessing risk and preparing for possible threats is a continuous process for Louisville Water. In fact, we have a multi-layered approach for assessing the risk and putting measures in place.

“Our IT professionals, engineers, and water quality experts have worked together for years to plan for numerous threat scenarios,” said Spencer Bruce, President and CEO. “While we obviously can’t make detailed information publicly available, be assured that Louisville Water has strict controls on remote access to our systems.”

Customers should also rest assured that if something goes wrong, the company has back-up plans in place to keep Louisville Pure Tap™ flowing.

Every Louisville Water employee is dedicated to the safety of our product and our role in maintaining public health. As a critical member of this community, we make every effort possible to provide our customers with a peace of mind and continued trust in their local drinking water.