Louisville Water wins cleanest water stop award

Whether they’re competitive runners or just trying to get in some healthy exercise, race participants in Louisville have come to rely on Louisville pure tap® to help get them to the finish line.

We take great pride in the quality of our drinking water, but for one race in particular, we take pride in hosting a high-quality water stop. This year, Kentucky Derby Festival awarded Tim Kraus, Vice President and Chief Engineer, and his awesome team of volunteers the Cleanest Water Stop award.

As Water Stop Captain, Kraus coordinated a Louisville Water-hosted water stop for the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon/Marathon. It takes about 50 volunteers and clear instruction to ensure the stop is ready for the nearly 12,000 participants that will make their way past the last stop to the finish line. Kraus is quick to point out that recognition for the cleanliness of the site should be attributed to his veteran clean-up crew, Linda and Jerry Hettich.

After some debate and formalities, Kraus insisted that Linda display the award in her office. “After all, we could not have received the award without you and Jerry,” said Kraus.

She conceded to display the award for a short period and then plans to return the award to Kraus for display since, after all, he’s the captain!