Matthew McCroskey, Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Matt McCroskey employee profileWorked at Louisville Water since 2022

The last year has flown by for Environmental Health and Safety Specialist Matthew McCroskey, who joined Louisville Water in December 2022.

He hit the ground running.

“I manage the employee safety training and safety skills (online) portal. We conduct safety trainings in person as well. Going out and doing field visits, meeting with the crews, seeing what they’re doing; maybe, there’s a safer way to do a certain task.”

McCroskey enjoys being a resource for employees and someone they can feel comfortable asking questions.

“I got into safety because I wanted to help people and I feel like I’ve done that every day since I started in the industry. I first wanted to be a police officer, but found out that wasn’t for me,” McCroskey shared.

That revelation prompted him to pursue his master’s degree in Safety, Security, and Emergency Management at Eastern Kentucky University. And he’s never looked back. Since coming to Louisville Water, McCroskey helped lead efforts to offer first aid/CPR/AED training courses for employees, supplying first aid kits to all field crews, and ensuring all company locations have the proper amount of AEDs.

Matt McCroskey employee profile

“We added one over at the museum at Louisville Water Tower. We even bought child pads because of the number of kids that come with field trips. We want to make sure that we are equipped for that as well,” McCroskey said.

McCroskey says he’s thankful that safety is just as much a top priority at Louisville Water as it is to produce high-quality Louisville Pure Tap®.

His home base will soon change to the Crescent Hill Water Treatment Plant, but that won’t change his “why” for doing the job he loves.

“When I go home, I feel like what I did today, helped somebody go home with all their fingers and toes,” McCroskey said. “They went home the same way they came into work. That’s satisfaction to me.”

When he’s not working, McCroskey enjoys spending time with his wife and their three-year-old and seven-month-old sons. He said the one thing he had to have when they built their house was a fireplace, and he recently got to share the experience of building one with his son for the first time. A memory he’ll always treasure!