Nurse falls in love with Louisville pure tap®

Nurse Sarah Cohron loves the taste of Louisville pure tap® so much, it influenced her decision to buy a home here.

Originally from Bowling Green, KY, Cohron first moved to Louisville in 2015 to attend nursing school at the University of Louisville.

“Growing up, I was such a picky water drinker. As a kid, I had no idea how lucky I was to have access to clean water at all, so I insisted upon drinking only bottled water that I [thought] tasted better,” she said.

After accepting a job at Norton Hospital, Cohron’s next goal was to become a homeowner.

“I was torn between buying in New Albany versus Louisville. Housing prices are much, much lower in Southern Indiana compared to Louisville,” she said. “I made a pro/con list and Louisville pure tap® was on the pro list. I’d be lying if I said Louisville tap (water) didn’t play at least a small role in my purchase.”

Staying hydrated is part of Cohron’s lifestyle and having unlimited access to the best-tasting water in the nation helped seal the deal.

“I love y’all’s water so much. I drink 100-160 ounces a day. It’s so wonderful to know that no matter where in Louisville I open the tap at home, the gym, or the hospital I work in, the water that comes out will taste wonderful.

It’s so sad that people are stocking up on bottled water right now. We are so lucky to have access to high-quality water in our homes,” she said. “Thank you all for providing such an invaluable resource to our community.”