Olympic hopefuls fueled with Louisville Pure Tap™

Kelsi Dahlia and Zach Harting spend a lot of time around water. The former University of Louisville swimmers are training hard, spending more than 24 hours a week in the pool. The goal? To get to Tokyo in July to compete in the Summer Olympics.

Louisville Water Company’s dedication to its water, Louisville Pure Tap™, is appreciated by these two Olympic hopefuls. While both are transplants to the area — Dahlia hails from New Jersey, while Harting is from Alabama – they each love living in in this city and all the things that make it unique, especially Pure Tap.

And to perform at their best, Louisville Water knows proper hydration is crucial. Since the swimmers are both Pure Tap advocates, it was natural for the company to want to be a part of their journey to gold. These athletes don’t just drink Pure Tap, they spend hours a day training – and winning – in it!

“As soon as I heard about Kelsi and Zach’s appreciation for our drinking water, I knew Louisville Water had to be part of their Olympic quest,” said Kelley Dearing Smith, Vice President of Marketing and Communication for Louisville Water. “It’s amazing to have these athletes endorse the quality of our drinking water. I’m proud we can support their journey.”

In a video produced by Louisville Water, Dahlia and Harting talk about the more than 120 ounces of water they drink a day during training season to replenish fluids and keep their bodies healthy, and they also encourage their friends and teammates to ‘drink local.’

“It’s so convenient… the water here tastes so good, there’s really no need to buy bottled water,” said Harting.

“[Pure Tap] is an easy choice — it’s healthy, and it tastes great straight from the faucet,” added Dahlia, who won a gold medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 4 x 100 meter medley relay (Dahlia competed under her maiden name Kelsi Worrell).

The first stop on their road to Tokyo is just a couple of weeks away –  the Olympic Trials in Omaha starting June 13. Louisville Water is proud to help them stay hydrated with the best water and train in the best water, too!