Planely, it’s great water

About 300,000 passengers walk through Louisville International Airport every month. Many of them stop to get a drink of water or fill a bottle on their way to or from their plane, and now they know exactly where that water comes from thanks to Louisville Water-branded fountains and bottle-filling stations throughout the terminal.

Installation of a total of five branded stations was completed last month — and this branding is not just a little sign that says Louisville Water. As shown in the photos below, the airport water stations have large logos and most also feature huge wall graphics that leave no doubt about the source of the water.

So, in addition to offering easy access to hydration, the water stations are intended to educate both Louisville visitors and local residents about the high quality and good taste of Louisville’s drinking water — something that is uncommon in many of the places people are flying to or coming from.

In all, Louisville Water has added messaging to more than 50 drinking water fountain locations throughout the city. Just in the past few months, new, branded water stations have been unveiled at the Louisville Zoo as well as the Kentucky International Convention Center.