Please keep meter lids clear

meter lidWhile you rake the leaves from your yard this fall, please make sure to remove leaves and debris from your meter lids too, especially before the snow falls. (Snow on meter lids will melt faster without leaves insulating them, and lids that are clear of debris help ensure that nothing freezes to them.)

Typically, a customer’s residential water meter is located in the yard, housed in a meter vault with a lid. Louisville Water has more than 400,000 meter vaults in its service area. Meter readers and first responders have a vault key that safely opens the lid, and they use the key to close the lid after each reading (for customers who have traditional meters). Making sure the lid is clear will help meter readers and first responders quickly locate the meter.

Louisville Water asks that customers do not open the meter vault themselves for their safety. If you see an unsecured meter lid in your yard or anywhere else — or if you see an area where Louisville Water crews have been working and there is a potential hazard caused by fallen leaves — call the Radio Room at (502) 569-3600, ext. 2700 to report it so we can respond as soon as possible.

Fall is also a good time to make sure your storm drains are clear of debris so rain and snow can drain properly.