Pure Love at Louisville Water Tower

Flowing again in 2024

LWT wedding
Courtesy: Megan Hilaire Photography

As Louisville Water Tower undergoes the final stages of restoration, Louisville Water is hard at work preparing to welcome couples back to say “I do” at the iconic property.

The National Historic Landmark has hosted countless weddings, receptions, and special events.

For many, the Tower is a signature structure that everyone instantly recognizes and knows what it symbolizes.

For others like Allie and Abbey Bowman-Rogers, there’s a deeper connection. The couple’s first experience at Louisville Water Tower was running the Pure Tap 5K® race. They returned in 2018 when it was time to pick a place for their special day.

“We looked at other places, but it was never really a competition. We kind of had our hearts set on it from the beginning,” Allie recalled.

It’s a gem in the wedding venues couples can choose from.

“Louisville Water Tower is the place to host a wedding because there is nowhere else like it in Louisville. The history and uniqueness of the building, the architecture and the location on the river, plus the amenities we offer equals the perfect backdrop to a memorable experience,” said Megan Jones, Louisville Water’s Supervisor of Event Operations.

LWT Wedding
Courtesy: Megan Hilaire Photography

A perfect fit indeed for Allie Bowman-Rogers and her bride.

“We just had such a beautiful experience there. They made the day exactly what we wanted and I can’t think of any moment of our wedding day without thinking of the beautiful backdrop and the location and just how warm it all felt. It really felt like it was our space for the night.”


Louisville Water Tower plans to reopen for events and tours beginning in January 2024. Learn more about booking your event today!