Rain, rain come this way

Crunchy grass and brittle, brown landscaping are the telltale signs that we need a good rain.

According to the National Weather Service, Louisville is experiencing a severe drought with September being the driest and hottest month on record.



To be precise, just .04 inches of rain was recorded at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport.

In addition to parched lawns, the dry spell is also affecting trees which are a vital part of the environment. Lush, green trees give us clean air and protection from pollutants.

Just like people, plants need water to survive. Here’s what you can do to help plant life fill, drink, repeat during the drought:

  • Water trees early in the morning or in the late evening to avoid evaporation.
  • Water container plants and those with shallow roots more frequently.
  • Deep soak the lawn. Most lawns need 1 inch of water each week. If it’s really hot, try watering more frequently. It’s better to deep soak rather than watering lightly.