Reaching out to the community

Louisville Water employees, educators, and community partners reach thousands of customers at more than 100 events a year with messages of healthy, great tasting, affordable water. These messages are part of Louisville Water’s community outreach initiative, which is a component of the company’s overall education and outreach program.

“Where the messages have been delivered might surprise you,” said Barbara Crow, Louisville Water Community Relations Specialist.

  • A Living Green Wall, planted at the Southwick Community Center in the Park Duvalle neighborhood, combats air pollution. Pure tap kept the plants and the volunteers hydrated.
  • Young scientists, working from home last summer, were challenged to do Science in the Sink and share experiment results online.
  • We opened our doors several times last year and invited visitors to explore our rich history and have a little fun at Louisville Water Tower Park and the Crescent Hill Reservoir. Guests celebrated the centennial of a historic steam pump, enjoyed a Walking Wednesday yoga class, and collected treats at our community Halloween party.
  • Students learned to express themselves during a creative and scientific writing workshop called the Young Authors Greenhouse, which was funded with a Louisville Water Foundation grant.

“Outreach also has included health and career fairs, school-sponsored community events, and programming at local libraries on handwashing, inventing and sustainability,” Crow said.

Here’s a pictorial overview of outreach efforts over the past year.