Reaching out to wholesalers

LouWater Wholesale meetingThousands of people outside Louisville Metro depend on Louisville Water’s product. They receive water through the company’s wholesale partners, which are cities and water districts that purchase drinking water from us and then deliver it through their own distribution systems.

Louisville Water has wholesale partners in Shelby, Spencer, Bullitt, Hardin, and Nelson Counties. Representatives from these water providers came together recently to meet with Louisville Water staff and learn about rates, water quality, and infrastructure projects.

The meeting was held at the Kentucky Science Center to highlight how a water utility can be visible in its community. Louisville Water staff often provide educational outreach at the Science Center, which includes bottle filling stations branded with Louisville Water images and logos.

Wholesalers at the meeting learned that we have made significant investments in distribution infrastructure to supply water outside our traditional service area. In fact, “currently, some of Louisville Water’s largest infrastructure investments directly benefit our wholesale partners,” said Vice President Kelley Dearing Smith.

Louwater wholesale meeting attendeesExamples of these large investments are pipelines that will send an additional supply of water to Hardin County for the Blue Oval Plant and to Nelson County for bourbon distillery expansion.

Wholesale operations are part of an even larger effort within Louisville Water to transform and expand its business to be a leading supplier of products and services throughout the region.