Reminder to Fill, Drink, Repeat during Heat Wave

LW water stationJust ahead of the official start of summer, Kentuckiana is in store for a long stretch of uncomfortably hot days. Temperatures will soar into the upper 90s, with some days approaching 100 degrees. Louisville Water encourages you to stay hydrated with Louisville Pure Tap®.

Follow these Pure Tap pro-tips to keep your body hydrated:

  • Drink before you’re thirsty. By the time you feel thirsty, your body has lost up to five cups of water.
  • Grab a reusable water bottle. Keep a reusable bottle with you. Fill, drink, and repeat throughout the day. Pure Tap is the best value to stay hydrated, costing less than a penny a gallon. You may also want to fill and freeze a plastic water bottle so you can drink refreshing Pure Tap as the ice melts.
  • Bats water stationDrink regularly if you’re working in the heat. Drink one cup (8 oz.) every 15-20 minutes.
  • Drink water when sweating. Anytime you sweat, your body loses water. Hydrate before, during, and after exercise.
  • Don’t mistake thirst for hunger. It’s easy to confuse the two because sometimes you may feel hungry, but your body is actually thirsty.
  • Don’t forget to keep your pets hydrated too!

Benefits of water:

  • Helps your body maintain a normal temperature
  • Lubricates and cushions joints
  • Eliminates bodily waste through perspiration, urination, and bowel movements

Zoo water fountain

Signs of dehydration:

  • Dry mouth, tongue, cracked lips
  • Extreme thirst
  • Dark-colored urine (Check your status with the Pure Tap Hydration Chart)
  • Dizziness and/or headaches
  • Trouble concentrating or mental confusion
  • Fatigue

One more Pure Tap pro-tip: Pack your reusable bottle to take several local attractions where Pure Tap refillable stations are located.