Louisville Water and Frazier Museum Partner for Teacher Workshop

teachers at LWT How does water define a city? — That’s the topic 33 teachers explored this month at a professional development session hosted by both Louisville Water and the Frazier Museum.

During the four-hour workshop, the elementary, middle, and high school teachers were encouraged to explore the following guiding questions through an inquiry-based learning approach:

  • Why do cities tend to develop near water sources?
  • In what ways does the Ohio River act as both a divider and a connector?
  • How can water be both nurturing and destructive?
  • What makes our water source unique?

Frazier rooftop tourThe day kicked off at the Frazier Museum with a rooftop tour offering a panoramic view of the Ohio River. A guided tour of the museum’s exhibits delved into the history of the Native American communities that inhabited our region as well as the reasons Louisville was established at its present location.

Teachers at Frazier museumAlso at the Frazier, actor Brian West brought to life the inspiring historic tale of Thornton Blackburn and his wife, Ruthie (who changed her name to Lucie), escaping captivity by crossing the Ohio River to freedom in Detroit and eventually Canada.

Teachers at LWTAfter lunch, the teachers headed to the Louisville Water Tower & WaterWorks Museum for an interactive reenactment of a bucket brigade, providing insights into Louisville Water’s history in fire protection. Another highlight was a comprehensive tour of the property, featuring the iconic Louisville Water Tower and a visit to an operational pump station.

A presentation inside the original pump station put the spotlight on Louisville Water’s educational initiatives, linking back to the guiding questions. As a token of appreciation for attending the workshop, the teachers received a Louisville Pure Tap® bottle along with educational materials from Louisville Water and the Frazier Museum for their classrooms.