Safety shield installed around Louisville Water’s corporate office

Corporate safety shield artCustomers and employees will notice a major change to the front of Louisville Water’s corporate office.

A colorful safety shield featuring artwork from Louisville artist Ken Herndon was installed around the base of the building.

As an essential and critical resource in our community, it is our duty to protect our downtown office so that we can continue to provide Louisville pure tap® to more than one million customers.

The artwork features building blocks that spell positive words to uplift and encourage our community.

“I chose the building-blocks design because many people…are having trouble coming to terms with what’s happening now,” Herndon said.

safety shieldPainter Chris Curry worked with Herndon to paint the foundation of the shield’s artwork.

“What’s happening right now is chaotic and crazy, but everybody has their views,” Curry said. “I’m just glad I can be part of this project…it’s been interesting.”

Louisville Water CEO Spencer Bruce said the shield hopes to promote more unity.

“There is no place for racism, hate or discrimination in our community and that includes Louisville Water Company. As a community asset for nearly 160 years, Louisville Water has a responsibility to respond and be a force for positive change. We need to stand up for racial equality,” Bruce said.

The building remains open for customer service Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.