Staying super hydrated during the big game

No matter who you’re rooting for during the Super Bowl, we’re encouraging you to champion healthy hydration while watching the big game.

Just before the coin toss, make sure you have a reusable cup nearby so you can fill-up with Louisville Pure Tap™. This way, you won’t miss a minute of the game!

Next, kick off your super hydration with a cool, refreshing glass of Louisville Pure Tap™. This will also help wash down those nachos.

Keep drinking water throughout the game (and the commercials). Remember, if you’re having some bubbly, beer or bourbon, drink two glasses of water for each cocktail.

At halftime, you should be ready for a refill!

If you follow these rules, you’re sure to score a healthy touchdown for your body.

Remember, you can’t lose when you’re drinking our awarding-winning Louisville Pure Tap™.