U of L partnership promotes sustainability

Tune into any of the University of Louisville football home games, and chances are, you will see a Louisville pure tap® bottle sitting next to one of the broadcasters up in the media room or on the sidelines beside the camera operators. In between sharing stats and capturing the play-by-play action, they are staying hydrated with Louisville’s great-tasting tap water.

For many years, Louisville Water has partnered with the athletic program at U of L, providing bottles for the football media. Not only does this support a sustainability effort by both the university and Louisville Water, it shares our award-winning water with media professionals who come from all over the country. This year, Louisville Water provided 700 bottles to U of L, enough for all the media at its seven home games.

“We appreciate the water bottles, as they are both branding for our city for visitors, as well as a service to media covering our events,” said Kenny Klein, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations/SID at the University of Louisville. “The Louisville pure tap® bottles are unique in they’re not a regular retail bottle of water. The reusable bottles promote recycling, and we post signs reminding media to please refill their bottles from the water fountains or large water dispensers we provide in the press box. Our staff also distributes the bottles to working photographers to quench their thirst while they are shooting on the sidelines.”

Klein says its widely known that Louisville’s water is among the best tasting in the nation and wants others to know. “It provides yet another source of pride in our community that we can share with media representatives in attendance from across the nation,” he said.

Louisville Water has also partnered with the school in other ways too. Louisville Water has branded water fountains and bottle fill stations at various locations on the Belknap Campus and plans are being finalized to install them on every floor of the new Belknap Academic Building. Our pure tap team also provided coolers and cups for Move-in Day and other events throughout the year. Students who are coming from outside Louisville Water’s service area may not know we have great tasting, quality tap water here. We encourage students to carry around any reusable bottle and fill up for free — saving money and saving the environment at the same time!

Photo credit to Paul Miles of NewsRadio 840 WHAS.