UA Local 502 Tours Behind the Scenes at Louisville Water

Aspiring students visited Louisville Water for an up-close look behind the scenes.

UA Local 502 Plumbers, Pipefitters & Service Technicians had the opportunity to learn about the Crescent Hill Reservoir, the coagulation basins used in the treatment process, a water filter gallery, and the Crescent Hill pumping station. The tour allowed them to see massive pipes, different valves, and the intricacies of various systems.

Local 502 pipefitters tour

“Students commented on the large scale of the system as something many of them had not experienced elsewhere,” said Louisville Water Director of Operations Larry Bryant.

Bryant says UA Local 502 is typically a good tour because the participants are genuinely interested and ask questions.

“This was one of the bigger turnouts for this group. I think there is a large demand for this skilled trade at the moment due to large construction in the region, like the BlueOval SK Battery Park and the Veterans Hospital.”

Local 502 Pipefitters tourThe apprentices saw real-life applications of plumbing and pipefitting used in an industrial setting.

“This program is a five-year apprenticeship that combines industrial employment with classroom instruction resulting in a student becoming a journeyman plumber, pipefitter, or HVAC technician,” Bryant said.

Louisville Water has supported UA Local 502 by offering treatment plant exposure to the union classes for many years.